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Create a scandi style home by following these 10 easy steps

Scandi style homes are defined by their light, spacious interiors, use of neutral colours and minimal yet homely feel. Understandably, this style is extremely popular are there are some great pieces of home décor available right now to create this look. So follow the 10 steps in this creative guide to transform your abode into a beautify scandi style home.

1. Paint with a light colour

Painting is by far the easiest way to change the look and feel of a home. Scandi style is all about light and airy spaces, so you want to choose a reflective, white based paint. Pure brilliant white can feel a bit stark, so we recommend going with something just off white. We recommend Clock Face by Dulux, All White by Farrow and Ball or Loft White from Little Greene.

Scandi home paint colours 

2. Choose pale, hardwearing flooring

If you have the budget for new flooring then something light, yet hard wearing is the way to go! Scandi style homes usually have hard flooring, whether it be poured concrete, tiles or whitewashed wood. Steer clear of any orange toned woods as they will likely clash with the rest of your Scandinavian décor. If you prefer something a bit softer underfoot, then choose a very light carpet that is hardwearing. This floor choice by is nice and light and also has character.

flooring for a scandi style home

 (Image credit

3. Select furniture with legs

One of the reasons Scandinavian style homes always looks so spacious is because you can see a lot of the floor. By choosing furniture on legs, you can see more of the floor and the room automatically feels more spacious and de-cluttered. This sideboard by Tikamoon is a perfect choice of furniture for a scandi style living room or entryway.

furniture for a Scandinavian home

(Image credit Tikamoon)

4. Use a mix of woods

Following on from that beautiful Tikamoon sideboard, lets talk wood. This is the way you introduce warmth and texture into a nordic style home. There is no hard and fast rule on which woods to use, but you should choose pieces with a natural finish as opposed to high gloss finish. Beech, pine and plywood are popular choices because of their light tones, but they also work well with pops of darker woods such as walnut or zebrano for more decorative pieces. This eclectic scandi home featured on adorable homes uses a mix of different woods for real character and charm.

 eclectic scandi home

(Image credit adorable homes)

5. Opt for natural rugs

A rug is a great way to create defined spaces in a home and make it feel cozy. When creating a scandi style home, opt for hard waring rugs with a bit of texture in a pale or natural colour. This flat weave rug by Bay Isle Home on Wayfair would look great under a dining table in a scandinavian inspired house.

scandi style rug

(Image credit Isle Home on Wayfair)

6. Don’t over accessorize

Scandinavian style is quite minimalistic with only a few select accessories. When styling shelves, a sideboard or even a bedside table, choose simple, natural pieces. Try mixing wood or metal with glass to create a subtle display. This display featured on Curated Interior makes use of large glass pieces, candles and metal décor to make a subtle statement.

scandi themed accessories 

(Image credit Curated Interior)


7. Look to nature for your accessories

And if you are struggling to find a theme for your new scandi style, opt for a ‘nature’ theme. Think mini wooden trees, metal stars or neutral vases filled with dried buds. Heres a scandi themed tiered tray featuring some pieces from our scandi style décor including wooden trees and mini wooden houses.

 scandi style home

(Image credit Wood and Whistles - that's us!)


8. Minimal window dressings

Light is extremely important in a Scandinavian styled home, wherever you are in the world. To maximise your natural light, choose minimal window dressings. opt for natural roman blinds, light fabric curtains or a simple cotton voile to let in as much light as possible. If you want to keep your windows minimal, but still want some privacy, this linnen blind from blinds2go is a great choice.

 scandi window dressings

(Image credit blinds2go)


9. Use mirrors to bounce natural light

And if you don’t get much natural light in your home, use mirrors to enhance what you do have. Choose a large mirror with a simple frame and position it so that it catches as much natural light as possible. A large mirror will also help make your room look more spacious. The frameless round mirror from John Lewis has a unique look, especially when used as a leaning mirror as pictured.

 simple round mirror for a scandi home

(Image credit John Lewis)

10. Choose low backed chairs for dining

When it comes to your dining space, keep it simple. A plain table top with simple, slim legs keeps the space looking more open. And when you are choosing your chairs, opt for a low back rather than a high back. You will find that this will keep your scandi home feeling more open and spacious. This dining set from Oak Furniture superstore is perfect for a scandi style home. 

scandi style dining room

(Image credit Oak Furniture superstore)

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