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5 unique valentine’s day gifts to buy in 2021 to support small businesses

2021 is set to be a year like no other when it comes to valentine’s day. Most of us have been in lockdown, which means you are probably in one of two boats; you have either barely seen your partner or you have seen far too much of them! If it’s the former, you are probably already thinking about a thoughtful gift you can pop in the post-box. And if it’s the latter, a romantic candle lit dinner once the kids are asleep could be on the cards. But with none of us likely to be heading out for a romantic meal or a movie, a unique valentine’s day gift could be the way to make this year a special one.

We have searched the internet for some of the cutest unique valentine’s day gifts out there, and come up with our top 5. All these gifts are from small businesses, so these little beauties will also help out some of those most strongly hit by COVID this year! It’s always a nice added bonus to support a small business!

First date coasters from Crafted Created | £7.99

2021 valentines day gift - first date coaster

This valentines day gift is great for lovers who spend their days at a desk, since it will always be in sight! What could be cuter than a reminder of the place you first met! We especially like the example in this picture since it’s not too far from us in Kent.

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Wooden love bugs from Wood and Whistles | £11.99

2021 valentines day gift - pair of love bugs

This pair of wooden love bugs make a real unique gift for your loved one! They are handmade of solid walnut and ash and feature little hearts instead of spots on their backs! They are sure to last a long time and will be great to look back on year after year!

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Felt love letter from Lotta’s House | £16.50

2021 valentines day gift - love letter

How about sending a love letter with a difference? This little love letter from Lotta’s house is hand sew and you can add a personal message inside! This would make a great valentines gift to send directly to your partner if you are missing them during lockdown!

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Key to my heart keyring from Three Peaks Company | £10.00

2021 valentines day gift - keyring

If you are on the hunt for a gift that you can share, then this wooden keyring set could be for you. And if you are planning on asking your significant other to move in with you, you can have their new key already on their half of the keyring! How romantic!

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Flower growing competition kit by The Glenstocken Herb and Plant Co. | £18.95

2021 valentines day gift - plant competition

For any couples that have a competitive streak, this flower growing competition kit really would make a unique gift for your valentines. And why not make it more interesting with a prize for the winner!

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 So that’s our roundup of our favourite unique valentines gifts for 2021 - any of them tickle your fancy?

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